I come from a family of overachievers.

My younger brother Erol, to name an example,  emigrated to the United States from a war-torn land, without a university degree and ‘with fifty cents in his pocket’. Today he is employing 300 people on two continents, in a software company he developed from scratch. In the country where the labor is cheaper, his company is consistently voted as one of the ten most attractive employers.

A couple of years before Erol moved to the US, I moved from the US to Noway, with a Ph.D. in computer science from a good American university, to a tenured academic position. I brought with me a nice sports car, and I bought a large house overlooking the fjord. Today I am still the associate professor I was then. I live in a rented apartment and I don’t own a car.

What’s going on?

This I leave to you to find out. Think of this blog as a puzzle. Can you connect the dots? Can you join the pieces together into a coherent picture?

I’ll help you by giving you this hint: It’s all about that bus with candle headlights, which you see in this blog’s banner.

In some of the posts I let you look through my eyes as I look at that bus, sometimes with amuzement,  sometimes with amazement. I am sharing with you a sight that fascinates me.

In other posts I let you look at me as I look at the bus. You see me create projects, write articles, evangelize Knowledge Federation, give talks… You see me doing whatever I can to help the real thing come into being.

If you manage to connect the dots, the posts in this blog will read like a single story – about the life in the light of candle headlights; and about the birth pains of something incomparably more reasonable, coherent and safe. It is my hope that, in the light of that story, some of these posts will offer you an empowering sight of a  global opportunity; and that those others will let you follow an exciting real-life game, where this opportunity is being realized.