Collaboration with Collaboratorium

After two decades of development, polyscopy is in a phase shift – from prototyping to public sharing and institutionalization.  I am writing a trilogy – a series of three books where the polyscopy proposal is being explained in an accessible and moving or perhaps even a bit shocking way.

This means that for awhile I will not be writing my anyhow notoriously long blog posts.

So I thought – why not write a really short one, for a change?

The occasion is the conversation I’ve just had with Daniel Oxenhandler about possible collaboration with Collaboratorium, a Copenhagen-based project doing pioneering work on the wondrous collective mind frontier (see its description in A collective mind – Part One).

I promised to Daniel to share a recording of our half-hour conversation (where Collaboratorium and Knowledge Federation introduced themselves to each other) for the Collaboratorium folks. So here are two versions: A (commentable) Soundcloud audio, and a (downloadable) video.

Knowledge Federation too is undergoing the same phase shift. While I am working on the trilogy (in which the second book will describe the emergence of the collective mind frontier and the Knowledge Federation transdiscipline as an institutional prototype suitable for streamlining its development),  our design team is redesigning the KF Website and preparing it for the next and most thrilling phase in Knowledge Federation’s evolution, “going public”. You are welcome to browse through and comment our proposal to Stanford University mediaX and Google  (the copy shared here is made specifically for the Collaboratorium and the readers of this blog).


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